[quote user="Giants10Joe"][quote user="Joe Morrison"]RG3, don't recall any successful QB with a Nick Name[/quote]

Otto "Automatic Otto" Graham
Sammy "Slingin' Sammy" Baugh
Daryle "The Mad Bomber" Lamonica
Joe "Broadway Joe" Namath
Ken "The Snake" Stabler
Roger "Captain Comeback" Staubach
Tom "Tom Terrific" Brady
John "The Comeback Kid" Elway
Steve "Air McNair" McNair
Ron "The Polish Rifle" "Jaws" Jaworski

And of course, Eli "Easy E" Manning

Every single one of those QBs had at least some success. Of the ones that played in the Super Bowl era, each one played in at least one Super Bowl. I'm not saying that Griffin will be successful, but your theory doesn't really hold up. Besides, RG3 isn't much of a nickname; it's more like his initials.

There's always Jeff "Hos" Hostetler.