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[img]http://api.ning.com/files/Nd1tpyZGy0Cu6ui5UlUDVI*ArB2fuEHDLBij06QMQpTKVGKGMh on2NeaJJbjCvbFaXjTJidRfHTVb1snLDysy5bKYiiXypl-/Plaxico_Burress_Super_Bowl_TD_pass_631951.jpg[/img]</P>

Lest we forget.</P>

"Yes Plax...we know that you caught this pass for a glorious TD and a SB win against an 18-0 team, and we know that you owned Al Harris in sub zero conditions in GB to get us there in probably the greatest game a Giants WR ever had, but we Giants fans are "LOL-ing" your difficulty in getting a job and taking care of your family. .....I mean.....what have you done for us lately Plaxico?"</P>



Dont let us stop you from donating money to Plax []</P>


I'm only saying that we need to show a little appreciation for Giants who gave us great moments. Or at least not "LOL" at their difficulty.</P>

And this photo is the greatest moment I've ever had as a fan for 45 years now.</P>