[quote user="JPP"][quote user="ShakeNBake"][quote user="JPP"][quote user="ShakeNBake"][quote user="Jerrob"][quote user="MikeIsaGiant"]I bet Mario has the biggest season out of all their WRs[/quote]

Somehow I doubt it, I am sorry but there is a reason NY let him go, he made a big play in the SB sure, but it wasn't a difficult play considering Eli* put the ball in perfectly in his hands in stride. He has always been a horrific route runner and I can show you instances where his bad route running hurt us in the Superbowl as well.

On top of all that he has the "great disappointment" Alex Smith throwing to him, everyone just fawns on how much better he played last season but of course they rarely let him throw and when he did he wasn't allowed to take any risks so he threw the ball away a lot.


Yeah, its this thing called the salary cap, plus the guy wanted a starting job

lol have you even looked at his contract, it isn't very much we could have retained him if we really tried. Whats better #1 on a run first team with an average QB at best or #3 on an explosive offensive team you already won the Superbowl with? I would definitely call it NYG letting him go.[/quote]

Mario said he didn't want to come back because he wanted a shot to play first string. This isn't my opinion, it is what came out of* his mouth, so I don't know why you're trying to debate me here.

You said it was the cap and I'm pointing out it wasn't. You were also saying NYG didn't let him go he wanted out, well I believe they did and him saying "oh well I wanted 1st string" after the fact could merely be posturing. Basically if the Giants really thought Manningham was the key to our success he wouldn't have gone anywhere but obviously they weren't willing to offer him a spot higher on our depth chart and a minor raise so they let him go.[/quote]We seem to have a knack for doing that, and then finding a replacement as good or better then the departing player