[quote user="GMENAGAIN"]

[quote user="bELIeve_in_Giants"]I'd say:

1) Eli
2) Peyton (have to put him second until we see how the arm is doing)
3) Rivers
4) Romo
5) Vick
6) Cassell
7) RG3
8) Palmer

So, if you add up their ranking with the lower number the better, NFC = 17; AFC = 19

Slight edge to NFC East, but it's really a wash.


I think that I would flip-flop Rivers and Romo (neither has won a SB but Romo's numbers were sick last year and Rivers had an off year), and would put Palmer ahead of RGIII and Cassell. </p>

Still gives you the same 17-19 score . . . .. </p>[/quote]

yeah, I'm not sure what to make of Palmer at this point in time and who knows about RG3 yet.