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    Re: Last Movie You Watched Thread

    Last movie watched (this past weekend), Man on a Ledge. Ehhh.

    Last movie(s) watched that I thought was very GOOD, last winter, was Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (and not just because John Mara's niece starred, haha, although she was very impressive in her role).

    Infernal Affairs (Cantonese, 2004), best police corruption movie I've seen, better than Departed (which I loved) which was Scorcese's remake.

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    Re: Last Movie You Watched Thread

    The last movie I watched was Hard to Kill. Watched it yesterday

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    Re: Last Movie You Watched Thread

    War Horse. Tragic, moving, stunning, worth every minute. Loved it, but don't think I could watch it again.

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    Last movie I watched was TED. LOL

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