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[quote user="gmen46"][quote user="Martyr"][quote user="fourth&forever"]Police don't give these guys much of a break anymore. OJ SImpson would have been screwed in this modern era.[/quote] Oj did catch a nice break lol then again maybe AP can pull a race card[/quote] Just so you know-- OJ caught a "nice break" in '95 due to serious incompetence on the part of the prosecution (one of several high profile cases the LA DA's office bungled at the time--Menendez bros murder of parents comes to mind) and due to serious incompetence of the jury. Not sure of the race card factor being very significant. He did ultimately pay for his many sins 12 years later, however, and is serving 33 years (min 9 years without parole) on multiple felony charges including kidnapping. Remember? OJ. Turned 65 today. What a strange ****ed up guy..[/quote]</P>

I just want to talk football, I shouldnt have posted my beliefs on a non football matter</P>[/quote]

Fine. But the premise of this thread is the off field problem (with the law) of a high profile football player, not football. The remarks of fourth&forever, you, and myself, are within the context of the thread. If you just want to talk football, fair enough. But then this particular thread is not for you, that's all. No foul.