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[quote user="BlueBlitzer"]Inasmuch as how they do business with their QBs. Isn't Brees still looking for a long term contract. The QB is the most important player on your Team. As much as I would like to see the Saints implode ( And they've been doing a good job so far ) A SB winning QB who sets passing records, shouldn't have to stand in line waiting His turn to get a contract.[/quote]</P>

So the Saints should pay him whatever he wants???* $100M per year if that's what it took?</P>

The Saints are not low-balling him.* He has been offered $20M per year and is demanding $25M per year (when the team salary cap is $120M).* The Saints are doing exactly what I would want my team to do.</P>[/quote]

How much money is a Super Bowl worth ? ( There's a question for the ages ) Well Dan Snyder must be nearing the Billion Dollar mark on the money He's spent trying to buy one. Yeah, pay the man.

Cue Enie Accorsi

" You never know how hard it is to find a really good QB, until you're forced to go looking for one. "