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[quote user="Ntegrase96"]And now my Cowboys fan side: 1. Better at playing with a lead 2. Better at not turning the ball over 3. Accuracy 4. Elusiveness 5. Improvisation[/quote]I'll give you elusiveness and improvisation but not accuracy or turning the ball over. The ball comes out of Romo's hand funny when he's passing and sometimes just when he is standing back there. I wouldn't extrapolate # of interceptions into "accuracy".</P>

He has also been much less effective against teams who's learned how to keep him in the pocket. He is most dangerous when he gets outside the pocket and makes up a play,</P>[/quote]

I would. I realize there are factors that can alter stats, but the consistent trend is hard to argue with.

He's consistently had a better completion percentage and less interceptions.

The ball comes out of his hands 'funny' because he he can get the ball out quicker than just about any QB in the league.

Meanwhile, Eli throws quite a few 'wobblers' and sails the ball even still today.

Granted, Eli's got the arm strength. I think sometimes that makes it seem like he's more accurate. I'll say that he can throw an out route better than Romo for sure.

That's what I've based my decision on