[quote user="THE_New_York_Giants"]To the Poop fan...

Only stat I need to prove Eli is better is

Eli- 2
rHomo- 0

Only stat I need.

I could make the argument that Brady is the only QB better than Eli based on that... but in head to head,
Eli- 2
Brady- 0

my rank of QB's

1. Brady and Eli tied
2. Roethlisberger
3. Rodgers
4. Peyton
5. Brees
Then there is a massive talent disparity between the next group of guys and they are essentially irrelevant.*
Guys with potential to make the elite list:
Newton, Stafford (if he can stay healthy).

Everyone else shouldn't even be in the same conversation as those guys.* All of the other starting QB's in the league are backups on championship teams.

Romo is much better at losing than Eli is.

I can't agree with using SB rings as virtually the only criteria for how good a QB is. Football is a team sport. There's been some Hall Of Famers that never won a ring.

As much of a fan as I've always been of Eli's, he still needs to put up a few more regular seasons like last year for me to consider him in the top three.

Pretty shocked you think Big Ben is better than Peyton or Brees or Rodgers.

That's almost incomprehensible.