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5 Intreceptions in one game, Eli has never done that. No one throws a better long ball than Eli. Improvisation - do you remember the Tyree catch in the desert?

I think Romo has 2 five interception games overall, one being the game against Buffalo in 2007... of course this is just off the top of my head. Anyway, I made this list before the season started. At that point, fact was Eli Manning had turn the ball over 50 times in the past two seasons, and had a much larger margin of turnovers than Romo. Romo hasn't been good this year with turnovers though while Eli has.

As far as improvisation goes, eh whatever. I didn't really consider chucking a ball up for grabs as improvisation as much as I considered it a prayer, but it was a monumental play nonetheless. Romo has consistently played better over the course of his career when the play breaks down opposed to Eli because of his improvisational skills. But really, I'm not gonna fight you on it.