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    Just rewatched the super bowl. Time for me to be that guy.

    If i remember correctly...

    So my first thought was on the holding penalty. This turned out to be a big play in the game but let's back up a bit. The play before that was a 2nd and 3 or second and 4. Brandon Jacobs did not have a hole to run to but there was a surge up the middle. For the entire first half the giants ran right through the patriots, but that was a really frustrating play to see him bounce it around, and end up a yard short. If he had taken the play up the middle he would have fallen forward and we would have probably got that first.

    The giants o-line was dominant early. However, they really got poor as the game went on. We had to settle for a FG early because a 3man rush registered a sack on ELI! I watched it over and over to try to figure out what the breakdown was, most of the sacks were people coming off their blocks for not obvious reason. K Mac is the main culprit of this, his mentally must be something like, "this running play is not to my side, thus I will hold my block for 1.5 seconds and give up even if I am doing a good job"

    Pascoe and Hynoski played great. They really made a big difference in the game. Moved to open space and made catches.

    The other terrible thing was how we burned the second time out in the 4th quarter. 2nd and 5 we took a shot down the field, manningham was too wide and stepped out. We took to long to get back to the huddle and had to burn a time out. Then after the time out someone on the oline flinched and we got a false start. That really sucked! to go from 2nd and 5 to 3rd and 10. Man that was ugly.

    Other then manninghams great sideline catch he had a pretty crappy game. Two catches he could have had were tough he was border line interfered with (and probably was) but he did not playing tough. the long bomb in the first half he stutter stepped and mis-timed his jump, the other two he got roughed up but those were catchable. Also in the final drive he also failed to recognize a back shoulder throw and took it up field.

    On defence you heard Boley's name a lot but not usually in a good way. he got stuck with some tough covers in Hernandez and branch or Welker in the slot, maybe we should have had a dime back in, but whatever.

    The other thing that was really crappy is on a free kick someone totally whiffed on a block. You know I know blackman is not Hixon but man I feel like he barely every got a decent chance at a return all year.

    Jerrigan had some solid returns.

    The other thing not so hot was Danny Ware completely whiffed on end block that got eli hit. Ware has this pathetic chip block where he half heartedly puts his head to the side and then jumps in a random direction. We know he is not the toughest guy in the world but his efforts look lame. I would rather see him stand up set his feat and get run over like a man, then see this sideways jumping shoulder joke.

    In a nutshell I liked both Jacobs and Manningham, but frankly I am ok with seeing them go. I am glad we drafted another running back, hopefully he has more stones when he has to stay in and block then D Ware. I am glad we have one more linebacker in the mix.

    I'm being a jerk, of course, everyone who I am *****ing about had some good plays in the game.

    Here is what I am wondering: What will Jim Harbaugh do with Manningham? Can he groom him into a solid #1 or #2 guy on that team? I think he is the only wild card. Jacobs is a known quantity we know what he is and what he isn't but what can he get out of manningham. In any case I think the giants organization made good (if not easy) decisions on letting both of those players go. This is the same deal with ross. They have flashes but consistency and evolution kill them.
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    Re: Just rewatched the super bowl. Time for me to be that guy.

    I've watched the SB loads of times since I got the new DVD set a few weeks ago and I agree -- JJ had a nice, solid game. He didn't look scared either.

    My expectations are definitely a little higher for him next year.

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    Re: Just rewatched the super bowl. Time for me to be that guy.

    Kinda agree with a lot of what was said. However in a 60m game. In this case the SB you are going to have a few bad moments due to the team on the other side is the best from their conference. They are bound to force you into making a few miscues. The key is to try and make them have more errors then you over the course of 4 quarters. In this case we did just that. And we won the ring.

    I'm not going to sit here and nitpick what we did wrong 6 months later after a SB winning season. I will leave the giants coaching staff to do that. There is room for improvement and that is the reason they made the moves they did in the offseason. Letting the guys go that left and signing who we signed and drafted is all part of the plan to continue to improve and get better for the future. You can't stay stagnet in the NFL even when you win a SB otherwise you will get left behind. We will all see very soon that again the giants FO knows what they are doing when this all plays out
    Football has been very, very good to us.
    After losing seasons 2013-15, the giants put up 11 wins in 16.. they are on way Back
    But for now we can console ourselves with this fact-

    # of Super Bowl victories since 1985:

    1-Chicago, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Seattle
    2-Washington, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Baltimore
    3-San Francisco, Dallas, Denver
    4-New York Giants!!!
    Let's make it 5 in 2016 so we can be on a LINE NE again!!!

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    Re: Just rewatched the super bowl. Time for me to be that guy.

    Appreciate the breakdown.

    I don't mind seeing Manningham and Jacobs go at all. But I'm a little bit upset they went to such a good team in our conference.

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    Re: Just rewatched the super bowl. Time for me to be that guy.

    I hope they don't missed Jacobs and Manningham. I trust the FO and their ability to draft and sign guys, but sometimes a guy might take a little time to develope. If the OL doesn't get better, they might miss Jacobs and his ability to block. I know there was a thread on how good Bradshaw is at blocking and I agree. However, he split the workload with Jacobs and he gets hurt a lot. Just 2 seasons ago Manningham was a top WR for big plays. Last year he was hurt a lot. If healthy he is very dangerous.

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    Re: Just rewatched the super bowl. Time for me to be that guy.

    the big thing for me, like you said, was the pats getting pressure on Eli off the edge with only 3 or 4 man rushes. that was pitiful.

    good analysis though. i thought you were going to start saying the team got lucky, and they certainly did with the gift fumble recoveries and surviving bad 2nd and 3rd quarters of football. but they did really well getting the running game back into it, and getting the backs and ends involved in small ball. thats something thats been missing for quite some time. probably since Sean Payton's finnesse offense.

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    Re: Just rewatched the super bowl. Time for me to be that guy.

    How does a false start penalty take you from 2nd and 5 to 3rd and 10? You don't lose a down on a false start, just the yards.....

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    Re: Just rewatched the super bowl. Time for me to be that guy.

    [quote user="yoeddy"]How does a false start penalty take you from 2nd and 5 to 3rd and 10? You don't lose a down on a false start, just the yards.....[/quote]

    The Manningham incompletion was on 2nd and 5 so then we lined up for 3rd and 5 but had the false start thus making it 3rd and 10.

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    Re: Just rewatched the super bowl. Time for me to be that guy.

    If that holding call on booth isnt called giants run away with that game the eould have been up 16-3 at best 12-3 at worst not down 10-9

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    Lets no forget the team on the other side of LOS was a SB team as well. They forced mistakes and they shold have. The Giants forced more mistakes and thus won the game.
    The OL needs to toughen up for sure. I like Pascoe and Hynoski. They will have more of an impact this season for sure. Mannigham will be for the 49s what he was for the Giants. A decent 3rd or 2nd receiver. They have a dif passing game for than the Gmen and he will have to learn a new system. BTW....Eli will not be throwing to him and Smith and he will have to develope a chemistry.....good luck with that. Took him a couple years to even get mildly comfortable with the NYG's system. He wont b huge a factor for them on a consistent basis. Jacobs....will be an OK back and I see him getting injured at some point and missing 6 or 7 games. Not wishing it on him at all just predicting.

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