I'm sorry but I have been watching these boards silently these past few days and I have seen all these QB talk and I thought you guys would like a Skins fans take on things.

In the NFC East
1. RG3 - Dude is just a beast. Will go down as the best of all time imo.
2. Romo - I hate to say it but he is pretty good. Beat San Fran with a collasped lung.
3. Vick - Trouble staying upright but is electrifying indeed
4. Eli - Sorry but he is just so overrated. Constantly lucks out. This dude must have a horshoe up his ***. Has had lots of help through the years. Average at best.

Now as far as top 5 in the league is concerned

1. Brady - Look at his acolades
2. Rodgers - Just ridic
3. RG3- See above
4. Brees - cant play on grass
5. Peyton- Has lost a step over the years but is stll very dominant

Now remember this is just MY OPINION. Dont attack me for being a Skins fan please or I will promptly remind you guys of the beatdowns we gave you twice last year. Thank you.

Now discuss.