[quote user="Hail"][quote user="giantyankee1976"]I've got questions.

what is a redskin?

more importantly, since when did they start having fans?

are you usually a ravens fan and only claim the skins until the first 3 weeks of the season have passed?

those beatdowns you speak of, did they result in your team winning yet another Lombardi?

Should "luck" be cast aside if said "luck" results in a couple of recent Super Bowl victories?

do you like yourself?

Funny your making fun of Redskins fans but everybody is scared to wear blue to FedEx because theyre petrified. Real funny.[/quote]

I went down to Fedex field a couple years ago with 8 of my buddies. I think the Giants won like 45-12. Around the 4th quarter we taunted the heck out of you "fans" and then we got into a small brawl with some hoodlums in redskins jerseys, knocked out a few redskin thugs and the worst injury any of us got was a small scratch on our neck. Thugs can't beat down on trained fighters. The security tried to arrest us and we said "f*** you" and left. Fedex field is filled with p*ssies. My grandmother could kick everyone's *** in there.