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Thread: RG3 is the best QB in the NFC East

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    chi-town got RG3 running for his life....

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    3 sacks on bob3 in the 1st quarter by chi-town...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hail View Post
    I'm sorry but I have been watching these boards silently these past few days and I have seen all these QB talk and I thought you guys would like a Skins fans take on things.

    In the NFC East
    1. RG3 - Dude is just a beast. Will go down as the best of all time imo.
    2. Romo - I hate to say it but he is pretty good. Beat San Fran with a collasped lung.
    3. Vick - Trouble staying upright but is electrifying indeed
    4. Eli - Sorry but he is just so overrated. Constantly lucks out. This dude must have a horshoe up his ***. Has had lots of help through the years. Average at best.

    Now as far as top 5 in the league is concerned

    1. Brady - Look at his acolades
    2. Rodgers - Just ridic
    3. RG3- See above
    4. Brees - cant play on grass
    5. Peyton- Has lost a step over the years but is stll very dominant

    Now remember this is just MY OPINION. Dont attack me for being a Skins fan please or I will promptly remind you guys of the beatdowns we gave you twice last year. Thank you.

    Now discuss.
    You're dumb as a stump! JUST MY OPINION...DON'T ATTACK ME!

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    RG3 Best in East

    I didn't read all the thread, just skimmed the first post. Anyway, either your trolling or your crazy my man. hahaha

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    Honestly man I understand why you think RG3 is good. You have been watching guys like rex grossman and mcnabb, and jason cambel for so long RG3 probably looks like Jesus Jr. If he can even get the redskins a winning record he might be the greatest qb of all time.

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