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    Did Beatty pass his physical ?

    I couldn't find it online just saying he was visiting the raiders and another team can't remember ....

    Just curious .... I wouldn't mind him back

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    I don't think he's medically cleared as yet.
    Next NYG QB: Chad Kelly (Ole Miss)

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    I have to admit the total disinterest in re-signing Beatty was one of the biggest surprises to me this offseason. I've speculated (totally without evidence) that he was either not willing to play RT, or the Giants knew more about his medicals than anyone else.

    I will be really interested to see where he ends up, and for how much.

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    Bet he ends up with the Jets now that Ferguson is retired

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    Quote Originally Posted by PennState1 View Post
    Bet he ends up with the Jets now that Ferguson is retired
    Jets already got Clady for pretty much nothing.

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