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    A NY Doctor Hand Specialist Michelle ( Something ) Stated in the Tampa Times about JPP's injury. Not able to look at JPP's Medical Chart, only her knowledge of what procedures that are now being performed . They call it laser surgery, where not only the index finger is amputated but also the bones and everything connected to it was removed. The remaining 3 fingers are much closer to the thumb. Patients have a very quick recovery from this procedure. She also said that the middle or ring finger would be the worst loss. If the Giants medical team were to determine that a total healing was inevitable. Question: Could the Giants pull the FT, offer JPP a bonus check to keep him on the team, and then put him on IR for the year ?

    EDIT: http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/bucs/f...t-says/2236890 - RF

    Football minus fingers still possible, specialist says

    Excerpt: ""The long ring and middle finger are more involved in power grips than the index finger is," said Dr. Michelle Carlson, an orthopedic hand surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.

    Doctors will typically handle the functional loss of a finger by performing what is called a "ray amputation," in which not only the finger itself is removed but the corresponding bones in the hand relating to that finger, which allows the remaining fingers to be closer and more easily used together.

    "It's surprising how normal that looks," Carlson said. "Most people who have index ray amputation, people don't even notice they're missing a finger. It looks surprisingly normal and functionally, people do very well. ... You can actually can make up for it very well. In fact, they do better with that finger amputated than if the finger remains but is not functional."

    There are no options for a functional prosthetic finger in current medical technology, so any prosthesis is used only for cosmetic purposes; most patients with prosthetic fingers stop wearing them once they have emotionally processed their loss, she said." Read more...
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