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    The Big Uglies, That Do The Dirty Work

    You think it's fun to go up against Behemoths like Big Hank ? There are interior linemen who revel in it. Snee was one such Brute. We definitely need the Beasty Boys. Schwartz may be one of them. The ones that Pancaked opponents in college, turn into Road Graders in the Pros. Here's hoping that Big Blue's radar is in serious search mode.

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    +1 a good oline covers up a lot of warts with time of possession and play action that has to be respected.

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    covers up a lot of warts

    lmao awesome terminology
    Bill Loyal to the NYG logo

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    Speaking of Road=Graders, last week I mentioned Brett Jones the CFL's top Offensive Lineman. He's 23 6'2'' and 318 lbs.When this guy makes contact the guy he's blocking seems to go flying! I know that the Giants were bringing him in for a workout, but haven't seen anything on that.
    This week they signed Emmett Cleary from B.C. He hasn't done anything in the Pros yet, but in college he did a pretty good job of opening holes for Williams.
    As it stands, barring injuries, I believe that they are only one lineman away from that particular unit being one of strength!
    Finally, with Richburg at Center, I'm hopeful that Walton will take the necessary cut in order to stay with this team as a capable backup at Center or Guard.

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    Emmett Cleary from.........BOSTON COLLEGE..........YaY!!!

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    I remember when Snee was drafted and everyone was having fun in the fact he was TC's son in law.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibbill View Post
    covers up a lot of warts

    lmao awesome terminology
    glad you like it because this team has plenty of them.

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