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    Salary cap carryover money for each NFL team this offseason


    Excerpt: "NFC EAST

    New York Giants: $1,800,000

    Philadelphia Eagles: $7,933,869

    Dallas Cowboys: $2,401,553

    Washington Redskins: $15,055,131"
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    Wow.. I thought we had like 10 mill to carryover. I wonder how much end of year incentives like pro bowl and allpro votes ate into that

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    Yes all I heard was how we had so much extra money not used people were complaining that Reese didn't use it to bring in lineman but many said the 10-15m could be carried over.. now it looks like only less then 2m. Odd
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    Quote Originally Posted by drewz View Post
    Wow.. I thought we had like 10 mill to carryover. I wonder how much end of year incentives like pro bowl and allpro votes ate into that
    I'm with you, what happened to all the money from last year we didn't spend ? I thought it was like 20 million under the cap ? Thought we had so much room.

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    spotrac has us carrying over around 11 mil

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    I'm confused
    So Rude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ELIte4MVP View Post
    spotrac has us carrying over around 11 mil
    Knock $3 million off that for Cruz's weekly bonus payments. Then you're down to about a $6 million difference. Other players' incentives/bonuses that were also initially categorized as "not likely to be earned" could account. Also the futures contracts that have been signed just in the last week.
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    I can't take any more analysis of how much cap room the Giants have. How is this something where no one knows the actual answer. They have 43, no 32, no 24. How can the numbers be so wildly different.
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    Carry over means little in how much cap space they actually have in 2017.

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    the amount of carry over money depends on who you read and the Giants aren't saying but all the sports writers think they know, but if they did how would there be such a difference from writer to writer

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