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Thread: Welcome to New Message Boards!

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    Hate to be a pain in the ***, but I can't seem to recall which email my gumby742 account was attached to. Anyway I can find out?

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    I made it

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    New MBs have nice look to them

    Toearly to tell yet still have to play around with it to see what is new

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    its great to get to the boards from a foreign country (UK). had problems getting in but read and re-read instructions for success. the boards are nice.

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    So if someone could give me a hand, that would be much appreciated. I'm not sure where this username came from but it says that this is the one registered to my email. For some reason, my real account, WR4life, is not registered to my email address? I saw that some of you didn't have to reset your password for your accounts but it figures that I did. Can someone help me because I'd much rather get back on my old account and don't want to get stuck with this one.

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    I haven't been here in a few weeks and everything is different. It's about time.

    Now, what did I do with my old avatar? It might still be on an old computer I threw out.


    Found it. But why TF am I a "Junior Member"? I've been here since the Polo Grounds.
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    Just testing.

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    u can just be a member'''' also

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    Quote Originally Posted by krygny View Post
    But why TF am I a "Junior Member"? I've been here since the Polo Grounds.
    The ranking is based on post count, not join date. Same as the last boards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by titwio View Post
    Are we allowed to have signatures on these new boards? If so how I do I upload mine...
    I'm having the same issue, well, I think I can upload normal ones, but I don't think I'm allowed to upload an animated signiture (gif) like the old forum....is there any way around that?

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