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Dez Bryant is nowhere near the athlete that Calvin is. Not even close. Because of this he will never match Calvin. Calvin is more talented and has more natural athletic ability. On top of this, he has actually produced at an elite level.
Larry Fitzgerald is also nowhere near the physical specimen Calvin Johnson is either but should is still right there with him (I consider him better). You don't need to be 6'5" 235 with 4.3 speed to be the best.

Dez Bryant is closer to the Fitzgerald mold (with a tad more speed). Bryant has great body control and a real nose for the ball. Both he and Calvin are very 'air dominant', but I'd say Bryant has better hands at this point in his career than Calvin did... probably even still.

Yes, Johnson has produced at an elite level, but Skip is talking about projections for the future-- not judging them on their respective careers as of today.

Of course, for Bryant to reach Meagtron's level he's going to have to put it together with preparations. And despite his recent arrest, he's actually been doing just that.