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Admittedly I wasn't aware that he picked them to go to the superbowl this year... Link? But In the grand scheme of things still the answer is 'no'.

Skip Bayless was a columnist here in from the 70s to early 90s. Unlike you, I was familiar with him before Cold Pizza/First Take/1st and 10. He wasn't a cheerleader for the Boys, and in fact was mostly critical. Even when he was brought aboard for 1st and 10, he didn't bow down to the Cowboys until 2009.

The reason? Because the Cowboys became the unpopular pick around 2009. Skip just says things to get a rise out of people.
Sorry to tell you but I 've watched him since the cold pizza days too and the Cowboys really sucked then he couldn't make that statement and believe it to be true and I will get you the site and It doesn't matter if pick someone to get a rise outta people even more of a reason it's considered *** kissing.