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This board is a great way to get the latest information on the NY Giants, and I'm happy with the new upgrade....it looks great.

I'm hoping anyone reading this takes this as constructive criticism from a long time poster, because that is the intent.

Right now, the "Smack Talk" forum seems to be pretty useless, since the overwhelming majority of NFL Fans cannot handle themselves within the rules of behaviour, and the only corrective action options appear to be lifetime bans.

Personally, I think warnings would be very helpful.....or, if needed, one or two week bans.....but it seems like the only option is to get the death penalty for any offense. I can understand lifetime bans for posters who repeatedly break the rules. But a quick warning, or a one week suspension might send the proper message. I'd imagine the majority of people receiving a warning or short suspension would get the message.

Again, I'm not defending some of the things that are said here. And for the 5th time, I'm not going to defend Baldy......I told him directly that I thought he was foolish to do what he did. I'm done talking about Baldy, so I really don't want my comments to be misconstrued into a defense of him, because I'm talking in a much more general sense.

My comments are concerning what the mods expect from this (Smack Talk) forum, and the best practices to get there.

Because right now, as it stands, it's basically a one way street now.....Giants fans "talking smack" about other teams, and getting crickets in response. And that's pretty embarrassing, if you ask me.

Hopefully that will change during the season....we'll get some opposing fans coming in and mixing it up.

I visit a few boards, including the Eagles boards. I don't want the Giants board to be the Eagles board. However, I can tell you that the mods over there hand out warnings as well as bans, and it checks behaviour effectively. And I catch alot of heat from Eagles and Cowboys fans telling me "my board" (e.g., the Giants Board) banned them for life for seemingly minor infractions. Now, they might be giving me total BS, I have no clue. I'm just stating what I've picked up from other fans.

There are alot of funny people that love to talk football that can't do it on the Giants forum because they stepped over the line ONCE. How many posters here have been perfect 100% of the time? I know I haven't.

This new board looks great......Giants fans have thick skins, and great senses of humor. I'm not expecting the mods to allow offensive remarks to slide. I'm just saying that this board, including the Smack Talk section, could become the best board in the NFL.
To be honest, I have gotten the exact opposite impression about other teams boards. I feel our mods are the most liberal when it comes to smack talk. I've been banned from sites for just posting "Ha Ha"....... Baldy got banned because he violated numerous POSTED rules of the message board......and he did it SEVERAL times in SEVERAL posts.

Once the regular seasonn starts, I'm sure this portion of our boards will liven up.....but I fully support out mods when it comes to crossing the line.