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Yeah, take note that i said the packers and patriots are the closest things to dynasties in the nfl today. I didn't say the eagles were. But neither did any of the eagles players. They said they could become a dynasty. But i'm sure you agree with your buddy ricky that two bowls in 5 years, both of which were wildcard teams, qualify the giants to be a dynasty. Go ahead, make that claim, see if i start a thread about it.
What are you trying to debate? ALL of a sudden the Packers are a dynasty when the Giants just one their 2 in 5 years and if we go by ur standards the Packers aren't either buddy they won the SB at 10-6 and a wild card. I wanna see you back on here when we kick your *** oh and yeas Eagles players did say they are a dynasty Mccoy. Vick, Jackson, and you fat *** coach Andy Reid.