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The year after 2007 didnt we go 13-3? or something like that? The fact is we are a dynasty, the eagles only have one dynasty going.


Career Earnings: $130,000,000
Vick lost an estimated $130M in earnings while spending two years in prison, but even without the legal and personal recoil from bank rolling a dog fighting business, the Eagles quarterback was a financial wreck. He spent millions by supporting an entourage of over 30 people. During his bankruptcy hearing, it was uncovered that Vick had spent almost $18M in twenty three months. The four-time Pro Bowler recently inked a six-year, $100M deal with Philadelphia, and provided the Eagles quarterback doesn't go back to spending money like a drunken sailor, He could possibly find his way to economic stability by 2015.

The dynasty of having the most broke arse, dog fighting, joke qb, that crys every time he talks a hit while scrambling around the pocket like he has ants in his pants.

He needs to talk big, because hopefully he can use that to drum up some more $$ for himself. Unfortunately only his talk is big, his wallet and track record are small. Even if the eagles sweep us for the next 5 years I feel confident they wont win any superbowls. I will be able to go home at night and think of those glorious super bowl years, the parades in NYC, and all eagles fans have to remember is how great they thought they were.
The other thing that cracks me up. Is the "miracle at the meadowlands" at the time that was some embarrassing to give up all those TD's in the forth, but now it like cracks me up. The "miracle" for the eagles is making the playoffs! to lose in the first round! Our "miracles" are catches by David Tyree that set up the game winning drive the super bowl.

Eagles new world dictionary
Dream team: "Pay people alot of money in pre-season, suck in regular season, miss playoffs"
Miracle: "Make the playoffs, by winning a clutch regular season game"
Dynasty: "Talk on a locally syndicated radio show about how good you think you are"