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    On a limb with Jernigan , Herzlich and Collins

    Reading a post about the excitement regarding Jernigan vanishing because he has the dropsies or that he is no longer part of the future except for special teams because of the unexpected development of Cruz and the drafting of Randle makes me shake my head a bit. Coach C didn't put a guy back for the opening kickoff in the Super Bowl who has the dropsies. Judging Jernigan by his Pre season rookie fumblitis is just plain close minded - to be polite. This kid produced at a high level on a consistent basis for several seasons. Whether vs. North Texas, Arkansas State, ULL, UAB OR South Carolina, Arkansas, Florida State and Missouri he was often open, made the tough catches, the slippery run after the catch and moved the chains or scored. I predict he will be a major part of the offensive plan this year and will out gain, out catch and out score Randle. I also think Mark H. will challenge for and eventually win the MLB spot before all is said and done. And finally I think Brandon Collins makes enough noise in training camp to stick on the final 53. See ya Barden!

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    I hope that you are right on all counts . . . . .

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    Too many people here wrote off Jernigan after preseason. I for one have been a fan of the guy and he was one of my favorite receivers before the 2011 draft...He reminded me of Percy Harvin. I think he's in for a breakout season and the Giants can use him in a variety of ways because of his skill-set. I'm excited for him this year and from listening to him in interviews...I think he's carrying a chip on his shoulder from last year. The guy can become a major weapon if the Giants use him right.
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    I don't really know much about Collins, but i completely agree with Herz and Jernigan. Jernigan looked great returning kicks towards the end of the season, especially in the Super Bowl. I think the positives to take out of that is his returning vision, and agility/speed that helped his return game (which are mostly intangibles). The dropping/fumbling problems I think can be worked on and improved upon. The fact that he started meshing with the return team is definitely a good thing.

    Herzlich is going to be a beast imo. I think he is going to be an absolute stud this season, although it is just a feeling that I have.

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    It's great to see some fellow Gmen fans still have faith in JJ. I don't know an awful lot about Collins. it's just a gut feeling I have. Of course my gut told me Shockey would stay in 08 as my screen name implies, oopps. The little I have read seen and heard about Collins supports the feeling I guess, along with my low opinion of what Barden will bring to the table. Herz is hungry , determined and talented. titwio I think your right about the chip on the shoulder thing!

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    Hosley will be big in special teams this year... I like Herzlick though, we'll see how camp plays out.

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    I agree, Holsey is gonna be a stud! I am a Michigan man and was impressed with Holsey in the bowl game vs Michigan. David Wilson not so much. He ran backwards as much as forward. I do like Wilson as a potential hot weapon for us tho.

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    I just dont understand what part of "strike-shortened off-season" fans don't get... JJ had all of 2 weeks to learn a brand new offense before the preseason started. He's got time to develop. Barden is the man that's out... he's had multiple seasons and done nothing with it. I for one don't understand why fans hate JJ and are still on the Barden love train...

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    i've been on record this offseason saying basically the same thing.. I don't know about Herzlich winning the MLB job, but i think he'll make the team again, and start showing us what made him a perdicted 1st rder before cancer...

    I just think Jerrnigan is to versatile and can help u in to many ways, to not make a move up depth chart.. I don't think hes the type of player that can't figure out how to hold on to the ball.. I got a feeling his skill as a football player shows more then any fumble problems this camp/preseason, and people realize what kinda unique weapon we have...

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