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    Are the giants gotta bring up the trophy to Albany this year?

    was wondering if they bring it up, so i can take a picture with it?

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    I went in 2008 but I was naive/unprepared as it was my first time at training camp. They bring it but it will be on a specific day only and IIRC the last one was in a VIP tent.

    So follow the camp schedule meticulously.

    * Note plus it's hard to tell if it's the real trophy or one of several stunt doubles. The real one gets engraved but lives at the TImex Performance Center, there is a duplicate which goes on display in the Legacy Room and unengraved stunt trophies waived in front of crowds (such as when Strahan appeared in the 2008 pregame ceremony).
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    thank you, for the info

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    NJ.com Beat Writer Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) tweeted this afternoon:

    "Had folks ask if Lombardi Trophy will make the rounds here in Albany. Answer: yes. Next Thurs it will be in a few spots around town. #nyg"
    "Lombardi Trophy next Thurs at Albany City Hall (8:30-11:30a) and a Red Cross blood drive at Best Western on Western Ave (Noon-7p) #nyg"

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    stunt doubles.....lmao

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    The stunt double stuff was pretty funny. LMAO.

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