Has anyone been following the new features in this game? I was just curious if anyone was excited about the release of this game. I think the reason i can live with buying madden from year to year is i never have high expectations, and just enjoy it for entertainment purposes. It seems that people complain too much about it, and don't take it at face value: it's a game.

But I digress. I personally am very excited by connected careers, as i greatly enjoy doing a superstar, but after a few seasons get tired of it and switch to franchise, then get tired of that, and switch back. This allows you to stay in one "league" if you will, and hop in and out of modes within the same league. This honestly is perfect for me, so i am extremely excited for the mode. A lot of people are upset about it, but was curious if there are any madden fans or players that would jump in the convo. Also, i played the NCAA demo and they finally fixed the passing trajectories and the intercepting jumping 20 feet linebackers, and the corners jumping routes without turning around. This is going to be the same in Madden, so i am excited for that. Also, it seems like scouting and free agency will be much more like the game Head Coach, which is very exciting.

Any takers?