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yeah, throwing the ball felt good. especially out of the backfield, in the gaps between linebackers, you can throw with confidence now. leading receivers feels really good too, you can really throw into space with good control. i think its about as good as its been done, like NFL 2k5, maybe even a little tighter.

one thing thats driving me insane is the replays, they are atrocious. a 1 second cut to when the QB is releasing the ball, then slow mo of the receiver already catching the ball. have they never heard of skycam, or showing the entire play? some cool plays happen and they just show nothing of any relevance to the play, and theres no instant replay to do it yourself on the demo. even if it was, it breaks up the flow of the game having to go into replay mode yourself.

the commentary is ok, its just generic as usual. sounds nice though. occasionally you will get a line that actually relates to the individual play. its amazing that they still can't be specific with their commentary, yet every other sports game has. "i don't like field goals, take more shots at the end zone". ok, would have been nice if Phil said "the 49ers.... have a 3rd and manageable down in the red zone, and they just play very conservative with a run off tackle. I don't like teams not even playing for the conversion, let alone taking a shot to score. 3 points is nice, but they keep the other team in the game, which is dangerous Jim. especially against an offense.... like the New York Giants." all they have to do is plug in the team specific titles at the beginning and end, and they can just run a generic line criticizing a conservative team. EA talks about them adding thousands of lines of dialogue to the game, and they always end up sounding like drawn out rambling.

but as far as the game goes, against the CPU, it felt good. didn't get irritated or felt cheated at all. the planting and locomotion for everyone running on the field still feels off, but its functional, and the passing game is functional now too. at last, i think there are no glaring issues with the gameplay. i just have gripes with the presentation, and the fact that they make Eli look like special Ed in every single game, they hate him. he has that giant brow and nose all the time, with this tiny helmet.

i actually think the commentary is an improvement. i agree with the replays, but at the end of the day, i can always just skip them. it'd be nice to have real replays, but it doesn't kill the game too much imo.

i love how the game seems "free" now. it's hard to explain, but it just seems like animations are gone completely. it feels like you throw the ball and the ball isn't on the same line every single time, that when you run the ball you dont feel like you are getting sucked in to anywhere. its a really weird feeling, but i love it.