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    Quote Originally Posted by titwio View Post
    He'll at least be taller than Bob Sanders. But the way he plays I can see him making the transition to safety...It's not that hard for CB's who study the same film as all DB's to convert as people think.

    But I agree he'll likely be drafted as a corner but I can see him being more successful down the line at safety.
    He is a half inch taller than Sanders and 30 lbs lighter. He could add weight but that doesnt mean he will suddenly become Bob Sanders either.

    Furthermore,about Bob Sanders, he is a guy who: has Averaged less than 7 games per season over his 8 year career, a guy who has finished as many season on the IR as he has off the IR, has never once played a full season, has only had 2 good years in the NFL out of 8 which happened to be the only 2 years he played more than 6 games. and lastly, a guy who was picked in the 2nd round. Do you think mentioning his name helps or hurts your your argument that Mathieu will be considered a 1st round talent at safety? Personally, I kinda feel like you just proved my point for me and I think most NFL teams would admit that Bob Sanders was too small to be a safety in the NFL and his durability suffered for it.

    I just do not see him being selected by a team to play safety prior to him being selected by a team to play corner. He is a FAR better prospect at corner. Teams need 3 good corners now since for most teams the nickle defense is on the field more than 60% of the time. The only way I see him being considered a safety 1st is if he runs a horrible 40 at the combine. Even then, he still wouldn't be considered a 1st round safety talent.
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