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    Best DL in 2010 draft

    Hey guys in five years who do you think will be the best D-lineman drafted in the 2010 draft Pierre-Paul, Suh, Dunlap or Atkins.

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    1A.-1B. Suh/ JPP - Both had an elite season...2012 will determine who will rise above imo.

    2.Geno Atkins

    3.Carlos Dunlap
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    Atkins has been incredible. I definitely didn't foresee that, but I know a couple of posters here did, I know Slip did.

    Oh, and yeah, Suh/JPP t.1 for sure.

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    as long as suh gets his nose clean, he will be in the same breath as JPP. they are on par as of now most likely

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    Personally I dont think it's close. While Suh has been ridiculous - please remember this, in his second year JPP had 86 tackles 16 sacks and a blocked Fg - note Strahan/ Tuck or Osi hasve never come even close to smelling 86 tackles. Its almost unheard of for a DE. In fact Strahan comes the closest at around 62. This is a guy who is still learning the game and maybe one of the most dominant players already.

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    You know why JPP got 86 combined tackles? He doesn't give up chasing down the ball. If a pass is completed, JPP will take off chasing down the receiver... how many DE's do that?

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    I don't even want to compare a DT with a DE...Suh was easily the best DT but he needs to chill out, JPP on the other hand was eaaaasily the best DE in that draft and in a few years (I think) could very well be the best player drafted that year.

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    JPP plays every play to the whistle NEVER gives up. One of the best motors. Still learning the game. He won that game against Dallas last year, totally dominated it. Gives all out effort on every play. Love watching him. I also think Canty has played well past 2-years hope he is healthy, any updates on him?

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