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Thread: Linval Joseph?

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    Linval Joseph?

    I was just wondering why he isn't praticing with the 1st teamers, did something happen to him? I thought he was starting last year next to Canty, obviously Canty has the knee though.

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    Who's out there? Rocky & Shaun Rodgers?

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    I believe I read that Kuhn was practicing now as well.
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    Joseph had offseason surgery so they might be taking it easy with him is my guess.
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    Yeah, Bernard and Rogers are the first teamers, thanks for the info titwio. I just hope he's ready to go by the time they get into pads.

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    Don't worry, he's our starter.
    No one remembers who came in second.

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    I'm sure it's precautionary, he'll be one of our starters week 1.

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    Well if he's not practicing it definitely not because he isn't starting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by titwio View Post
    Joseph had offseason surgery so they might be taking it easy with him is my guess.
    I'm sure that's what it is
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