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    Post Terrell Thomas injury

    No one is a bigger Terrell Thomas supporter than I am, however we won without him last year. In my opinion it will be even easier to get over it this year and I think Giants FO were preparing for a good possibility of Thomas not panning out this year. But what happens from here? Do they bring Antrel Rolle back to his nickel corner slot where he selflessly played last year? Do we try and fit another player in that slot like Jayron Hosley or someone else? What if Prince still is not ready for a big time role this year? Which veteran gets the majority of the snaps? Michael Coe, Justin Tryon or starter for the Superbowl runner up Patriots, Antuan Molden? I'd love to hear everyone's feedback

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    I think Prince will be ready to go. He was slow learning the defense because the lockout shortened the training camp, and then he broke his foot and basically had to come in cold in week 9. By the playoffs he was showing flashes of being the first-round pick he was... whenever he came in to play, Buck, Michaels, or whoever was commentating said to watch out for Rodgers/Brady to throw on this guy, but said QB's couldn't. If he could do that in the playoffs against such elite QBs, I think he will be ready to go in 2012.

    As for Nickel corner, that will depend on whether one of our existing CB's can step up or if it is instead a Safety that steps up. Rolle will most likely bounce to cover the weaker position. I haven't always been the biggest fan of Rolle, but the way he stepped up last year, both in mind and in body, have really made me start to like him.

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    Looks like a position that was thought of yesterday as one of strength is now one of question marks again, I think we'll survive because we have guys who can play but CB is not now a position of strength until we see who or if someone can step up and fill TTs spot....

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