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This point is poor overall if we're talking about the division crown. In the last six years, the Cowboys, Giants, and Eagles all have the same number of division titles-- same goes for the last 3 years.

Also, it's just not true. The buzz around the Cowboys stems with what Garrett has been able to do via youth movement. We many more young stars on this team (Bryant, Murray, Smith, Carter, Lee, Carr, Claiborne) than we have had in a while, opposed to last year's "Cowboys look like an 8-8 team". And, for the most part, the light is shining bright on the Eagles at the moment... not the Cowboys.

I'm talking about this year, when you guys are trying to win the division from the defending champions. You guys picked up a lot of young talent recently, like Cobb and you drafter some nice young talent like Claiborne but they have never played together. You are talking about an entire new secondary here, not just trying to plug in one new guy, so I don't expect anything from them this year but they definitely have potential to be a threat down the line.

We may have the same amount of division titles within the last six years, but you guys have one playoff win in that span of time(and since the 90s) while we have had 8 playoff victories in 6 years including superbowl wins. We didn't lose any of our key players during the off-season, and your team has not improved enough to be considered a favorite for the title this year.