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Why, ShakeAndBake, do you care about media perception? Why do you want to be favored this year? Does it even matter? Another thing that annoys me is when people transfer the media praise about a team in to fan praise. None of us Cowboy fans predict greatness this year. I'm not sure where people get that from. We've been humbled enough the past several years, we're not as confident as you think we are. So yeah, don't pretend we thump our chests and make claims like Jerry Jones does (Which is his job, he has to positively market his team to the fans).

Anyway, back to my original point. Why would you want to be praised and predicted to win it all in the off-season? How did that work out for Philly last year? How has it worked out for us in years past? It's a bad omen if anything. Be glad you get to fly under the radar.
Did you even read my post? I didn't say anything about the fans, I was referring to the talking heads like Marcellus Wiley and others who think Dallas is going to win the division this year. My point was that I haven't seen ONE talking head favor us, the defending division and super bowl champions which is like a slap in the face. It's almost as if the media refuses to acknowledge our team, but like you said we play better under the radar. It just boggles my mind why none of these guys think we are going to win the division this season when we should be considered the favorite. These people are self proclaimed experts in their field, so that is why I care about media perception. People who do not follow football closely actually take what these people say at face value, so yes media perception is important.