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    Cruz on David Wilson

    Sounds like cruz really likes what he see's in David Wilson, and barring injury, he might be a lock for the number 2 spot. I wouldnt mind seeing him take over the number one of course, which would just mean he's even better than bradshaw. One tiiiime.

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    He most likely will be the starter by the end of the season, especially if he can learn QB protection...

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    I hope david wilson plays big for the giants this year, I really want to see the run game going

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    Bring the running game back. I am not too fond of the whole pass happy league that is going on.

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    Indeed, i watched David in collage, he is my favourite Rookie next to Rueben Randle, i'm really looking forward to him play

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    Love cruz's evaluations of randle and wilson. Maybe he has a future as a scout, haha

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    Love hearing the word "explosive" being used to describe a NYG running back. Don't hear that too often to desribe our backfield. Very excited to see what he has to offer talent wise. Thinking of making David Wilson the first Nike Jersey purchase for myself.

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    You guys have a link to this? Thanks in advance...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snappinnecks View Post
    You guys have a link to this? Thanks in advance...
    Link has been put in the OP.
    Yeah, sounds pretty promising. I like that he says that wilson seems like he can do it all. Im really excited to see what this kids got.

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    Sorry to be the pessimist.'
    But in all honesty what is Cruz gonna say?

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