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Thread: 07 draft class

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    07 draft class

    As I think about how nice it would be to have Aaron Ross in light of the T2 injury I think about that 07 draft class. This draft class that hugely contributed to a Super Bowl victory is now all but gone. Ross, SS, Cofield. Boss, Alford all guy's that I thought would be 10 year Giants gone. AB and Deossie all that remain. Such is the nature of the game I guess
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    Really thought we were going to miss Cofield, but Linval Joseph has made me quickly forget about Barry.

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    It's a young man's game. 5 years in the NFL is a long time. That's where the 07 class is. Guys like Prince, Joseph, Jernigan, Ballard, Manningham, and now Wilson, Randle and Hosley all step up. It's why you need a smart GM who can draft to be successful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nhpgiantsfan View Post
    Really thought we were going to miss Cofield, but Linval Joseph has made me quickly forget about Barry.
    It is all about building for the future and JR gets it. The window for and NFL player closes quickly.
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    Tis the nature of the game. I never minded Ross and wouldn't have minded if we kept him (for the right price), but T2 was a better player and they both had injuries in their careers. Ross was really on the field just last year and in '07. Keeping T2 was the right move, but hopefully he'll be able to play for us again.

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    The only reason keeping T2 was the right move was because Ross' play in the playoffs was going to get teams to offer him more then he was probably worth. And we were able to keep T2 for very little guaranteed money. Because of the two contracts it's very hard to say we should've chosen Ross, but I wish he was still here. I don't think he was half as bad last year as people on here are making him out to be.

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