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    Am i the only one who thinks of D.Deihl at RT and cringe.....

    I Really like DD... I don't know why because statistically ...... Not the best to say the least....But I like him! He's a giant! And seems to be a good guy minus DUI....

    But thinking of him completely changing sides of the line is scary... Just the initial adjustment I think would be hard...
    The first steps are with the opposite legs In both run and pass blocking.....The LDEs in our division are pretty good IMO! From what i hear with the new CBA and no two-adays the lineman suffer the worst not getting into football shape.. Last year he struggled with the move to LG

    At least it's Eli's front side he can step away from pressure !!

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    No, you're not the only one!....I'm hoping that Locklear some how beats him out!!!!

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    i think DD could be a very good RT. RT doesnt require the athleticism and lateral movement of a LT. the RT has to be decent in pass protection and good in run blocking, and thats what DD does give us. I know all of his struggles at LT and G last season and even before. That said, I'm optimistic DD can rejuvenate his career at RT, the position just fits him much better.

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    I'm a bit worried about this also. So, def not the only one. Who knows though we could be surprised.

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    I think he'll be just fine. And what does a DUI have to do with anything? Seems a bit trollish.

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    David Diehl ranks dead last in PBE (Pass-Blocking Efficiency) while one of our new Tackles, Sean Locklear, ranks 11 overall in the league.

    Let's go with Locklear.

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    I would say it differently. I look at him not being our LT and that makes me smile. I look at him replacing Kareem and consider that a minor upgrade. He'll also be getting help from the TE more often on that side. Plus he is smart and tough and a good team guy. We could certainly do better there but we can't have all pros at every position. Hopefully we are developing his ultimate replacement right now in camp.
    No one remembers who came in second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M00KIE View Post
    I think he'll be just fine. And what does a DUI have to do with anything? Seems a bit trollish.
    Ok Read slowly now so u can understand troll police.... he seems like a good guy other then the fact that he decided to get drunk and drive his car putting his own life and anyone is his way on the line....Not something you expect from DD....

    Driving drunk is a selfish, immature, and dumb thing to do! you would think that too if he happen to hit someone you loved instead of a car!!

    Do you comprehend now?

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    Has it beeen officially announced that he is the RT? I know it's been talked about alot on the boards but I haven't seen any official statements saying he is playing there. Maybe I just missed it.

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    There is no official announcement, but DD is lining up with the ones at RT as of right now. Beatty at LT and Locklear with some reps too. The thought is that locklear will be a swing, but theres a long way to go in camp. But as of THIS day - Diehl is the RT.

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