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    Am I the only one who thinks Ahmad B. feels threatened by Wilson?

    If you practice sloppy you play sloppy!

    -Wilson should practice as if he is in the Superbowl every day...thats what builds toughness and a champion, not practicing and playing to avoid injury. The typical union mentality..."don't kill yourself"...which is true if you want to keep a job. If you want to be a champion, the best ever at what you do then you will move heaven and hell just to accomplish a single milestone...you will sacrifice yourself, life and limb just to move on to the next thing. No winner wants to sell themselves short, leave plays on the field, give up when they could have made a diving catch, run out at the one when they might have driven through the defender for the TD...

    ...Winners do what they have to to win, not get close!

    Bradshaw is out of line for ever suggesting that a teammate not be "ALL IN!!!"

    -You condition yourself to prevent injury so you can practice and play hard without the thought of injury entering your mind. The union mentality says, "take it easy"..."don't beat yourself up too much"..."you don't have to show too much", and thats bull ****!!! You do... and I think that is what Bradshaw is afraid of.

    D. Wilson....I expect you to break your arm off for the starting position at RB for this team...I expect you to do everything possible to be the best at what you do...that is what you are here for...not only that, to be the best, you need to love what you have to do to, BE THE BEST!

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    Personally i dont know how you take this point of view from what AB said. To me he was talking about hitting the hole straight then using his jukes after he gets by the lbs.

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    What in god's name are you talking about, man?

    Bradshaw is totally taking Wilson under his wing and showing him how to be a successful pro.

    If you're referring to AB telling Wilson to cut back on the juking an deeking and all that, he needs to hear that. From what I've read, Wilson was doing those things when not necessary. He's in no way saying, "Don't try and do the best you can and give all you can." He's just saying play smarter, not harder (where harder translates into less efficiently).

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    If I were the suspicious type, I might agree. For the time being I prefer to think Bradshaw is using his feet problems to explain to Wilson the benefits of playing smarter. The headline on a piece, in the NY Post I think, suggests just that. It's in the news thread.
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    Bradshaw isn't that type of dude

    Really, if he felt threatened, he wouldn't be helping him

    Its obvious the Giants drafted Beatty with the intention of having him success or replace Diehl at LT. Regardless of whether that may or may not happen/be true, Diehl was always helping Beatty in practice and camp as he progressed in the NFL. I've seen reports of Bradshaw doing the same with Wilson. Their both class acts only doing whats best for the team. I don't buy the fact that Bradshaw has that kind of mindset.

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    [The typical union mentality...don't kill yourself]
    Hey ******* that sounds like what MANAGEMENT says to each other when they are doing nothing.....not the union guys who actually do the work in this country

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    I agree that he was only trying to give him constructive criticism. That's all

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    I don't think he feels threatened by Wilson.
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    hes probably just mentoring wilson the same way he was by jacobs.

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    I shall concur with you

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