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    Will the giants make the playoffs this season???

    Hello all!!! This is my first post so please be gentle lol!!! The new york giants had the toughest schedule last season and once again they have the toughest schedule this season. However, I feel the giants are able to start off faster and finish the season stronger. A lot of critics believe the giants will have a worst record than last season but with improvements to coaching strategies and player personnel, the giants have indeed upgraded. Yes we all feel the loss of Brandon Jacobs, Mario Manningham and Aaron Ross, but lets face it... Are they really irreplaceable??? Bradshaw looks to be healthier and inspired by the competition. David wilson looks to be ready for the challenge and fast on his feet. Jerrel Jernigan seems to be making a "Victor Cruz" like presence, in his second year. Our secondary has depth and seems to be focused on the task at hand. Our offense doesn't look like they lost a step and they can only improve their running game. Lets not forget we stil got Eli "Easy E" Manning. The defensive line seem to be re-energized with Osi, Jpp and Tuck. I expect to see a lot of opposing quarter backs on their back this season. With that in mind... Do the giants make the play-offs and prove that last season, six game run, wasn't a fluke??? Your thoughts are appreciated!!!
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    Yes. Giants win the NFC East @ 11-5. Eagles and Cowboys fail to live up to their usual hype and disappoint again. The Foreskins are ... well, they're still the Foreskins, as usual.

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    I think last year proved that this team, and coaching staff, can overcome a lot of obstacles and injuries. I think only a fool would count them out at this point. That being said, they have a tough schedule and the division has only gotten tougher... but I believe the Giants have gotten better as well, especially on defense. I know one thing for sure... I am ready for the season to start!

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    We will make ANOTHER serious run at the Super Bowl.

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    Yes they will but this time they will look good doing it. I will also say the Giants will repeat for the first time in their history of the Superbowl Era.

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    I'm thinking they will have to go 10-6 and win the division to make the playoffs. I believe there will be no wild card out of the NFC East because it will be a war within the division because the teams are evenly matched. Who knows we may win it again at 9-7. GO GIANTS!!!!!!!

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    the Giants dont need to make the playoffs to prove anything about last years results IMO.
    With that said I think they do make the playoffs this season.
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    On paper I think hey are just as talented as any other team. Can they? Of course. Will they? Who knows? Will they stay healthy? Will they stay focused? I'd like to think they know that the media and many football fans think they are a joke and that they where lucky. I hope they realize that many don't really think Eli is a good QB. Most of these so called experts think he is the 3rd best QB in the division. Even guys he used to play with don't think he is as good as other QB's that haven't won a thing. I hope they take that into this season make them all eat their words and prove them all wrong.

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