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    Who Plays Friday?


    With Friday fast approaching, who do you predict will play in said Game?

    will they rotate more? will their number ones play a big amount of time?

    whilst i may be biased towards Wilson and Randle, i do look forward to watching them play, if they do get some time in, likewise looking forward to the defense, who if healthy, should dominate

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    my eyes will be glued to Wilson, Randle, Austin & Herz..
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    Quote Originally Posted by carter.525 View Post
    my eyes will be glued to Wilson, Randle, Austin & Herz..
    also hill and hosley

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    and Prince

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    ryan perriloux

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    I want to see the oline and run game

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    Excited to see Hixon back in action ! Stay healthy !

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    Guys i have high hopes for and are looking forward to seeing this wk and beyond are Mark Herzlich, Adrian Tracy, Mitch Petrus, Julian Talley, Janzen Jackson, Bear Pascoe, and James Brewer just off the top of my head...

    Tracy is gonna make this team, mark my words...

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    My eyes are going to be mostly on Wilson and Jernigan if he plays.

    I fear for the running situation and I'd like to see what Wilson can do it. Also, with Jernigan, I'd like to see what he can do and if he can handle the #3 slot

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    These games are hard to watch. By the third quarter its time to move on before I fall asleep! Tough to see anything from the rookies.

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