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    God this is second time we've come away from a long NFL season with a Lombardi trophy and get no respect from the league. Just irks the hell out of me to no end! I hope we lay down the law on some teams this year....

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    We scored 35 and 37 points each time we played them. At their worst twice in the same season?

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    Eh. You hear a lot of guys saying that they beat themselves. I know I have seen the Giants beat themselves. On the other hand, he is way off. In 2 games the Green Bay defense could not stop the Giants offense. In that 1st game Tuck was still not back to his old self, Osi did not play, KP was hurt in the 1st half and did not return, and Prince was extremely raw an inexperienced. The 2nd time they played Tuck was back, Osi was playing, KP was back, and Prince grew up fast. The simple fact is that the Giants destroyed them in the playoffs. The 2 TD's Green Bay scored came after 2 horrible calls buy the refs. They clearly fumbled and the hit by Osi was a clean play. If not for those bad calls they may have only scored 6 points. They where destroyed at home and it wasn't even close.

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    Tell Matthews that the Packer weren't the only victim the Giants beat last post season that had a good season record. For him to think that lighting strikes in the same place 4 times is insane. Sore loser! If I applied the same logic to the season prior, when the Giants collapsed late in the 4 qtr against the eagles. Green Bay would've been out of the playoff. What's done is done. Just live with the lost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsfan420 View Post
    thats odd. i could have swore the scoreboard read giants/packers and not packers/packers...hmmm guess it was them that outscored themselves lmao...

    and i wonder how clay feels about the reg season win where he got a gift wrapped pick 6 combined with 3 or 4 TERRIBLE, game costing calls...

    and technically mathews IS right. we didn't beat the packers...WE BEAT THE PACKERS AND THE REFS...he can say that all he wants, but unless he acknowledges that the refs gifted them like 14 points which was like a 28 point swing techincally, then he can take his bs opinion and stick it.

    and yeah that pisses me off too how skip calls eli rain man and lucky and never gives him his due
    +1 Can't agree with you more. The refs did all they could do to help Vegas & the long odds bet on the Giants to win the SB last year. There was definately something very fishy in that game but the Giants overcame bad calls & prevailed. The rest was history because there was no way anyone believed the Pats could beat the Giants in SB 46.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FBomb View Post
    lol. this is the real deal!

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    agree 100%. Nice post

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    All I can think about is that Justin Timberlake song, Cry me a River. He needs to cut his hair and stop acting like a female. Bottom line is this, if the refs didnt hand the Packers 2 TDs, it would of been 40+ to 6, a complete embarrassment.
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    I for one am glad to see that the Packers are still living in the past. That's the quickest way to screw up this season . . . ..

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