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    Cool Thinking back....Nicks vs Britt

    I was just thinking back to 2009 draft. When our turn came up, I was partial to K Britt. We, of course, took Nicks right before him.
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    word!!! i wanted Britt, the bigger, faster receiver. i am so happy we chose nicks over britt. smfh

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    I think many fans wanted Britt for a few reasons.
    1. He has a ton of talent.
    2. He played for Rutgers, he's a Jersey kid.

    I remember the thing that I liked about Hakeem Nicks coming out of college was he was "NFL ready"
    Here are the career stats of the 1st round wr class in 09 (just receiving stats)

    Nicks: 202 Receptions, 3,034 yds, 24 td's
    Darrius Heyward-Bey: 99 Receptions, 1,465 yds, 6 td's
    Crabtree: 175 Receptions, 2,240 yds, 12 td's
    Jeremy Maclin: 188 Receptions, 2,585 yds, 19 td's
    Percy Harvin: 218 receptions, 2,625 yds, 17 td's
    Kenny Britt: 101 Receptions, 1,765 yds, 15 td's

    We can put into account the qb's that have to get the ball to the receivers. But overall, I think Reese made the right decision in Nicks.

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    I some times wonder if Britt would have shaped up if he was in New York though.

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    I wanted either Nicks, Britt or Harvin during that draft.. Glad we got Nicks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuhgeddaboutit View Post
    I some times wonder if Britt would have shaped up if he was in New York though.
    i dont know if he would or not. hes approaching "Pacman Jones" status. hes an accident waiting to happen!

    initially i wanted Britt over Nicks but i am happy for the way it turned out!

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    yea i wanted britt slightly over nicks although i was fine with either at the time. britt went the next pick after us IIRC...but yea, nicks has been the best wr from that class imo. and as another said, he was the most nfl ready, but he also has an amazing upside too...cant believe he fell so far...

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    Nicks by a wide margin is the best of the 2009 wideout class which included Heyward-Bey, Crabtree, Maclin, Harvin and Britt.

    Harvin is prolly the next best imo!

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    I think there were many of us that would have been just as happy with the KB pick........SO glad we took Hakeem!

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    Nicks has a great advantage over the other receivers from 2009. He has Eli to throw him the ball!

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