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    I dont know. Manning had all the time in the world back there last season. Your O line is great IMO. Your defense was horrible all year long until the end of the season then they were a top 5 defense all of a sudden. You guys played awesome in the playoffs defensively. I never was impressed with your kicker. He misses too much.
    Eli Manning played with an awful offensive line last year and you know that. Eli Manning constantly had folks in the backfield much quicker than he should have. You just continue spewing your vitriol. Trolls like you from that miserable fanbase will go to any length to try and downplay Eli Manning’s accomplishments. It is ridiculous. I guess whatever it takes to make you feel better and all the schmucks over on Green Bay Packers Boards keep agreeing with you type of nonsense that you guys may almost believe it but in the end you don’t You know that NY Giants beat Green Bay Packers in postseason at Lambeau Field on the way to SuperBowl XLVI because we are the better team with the better QB. Our O line sucks and we were still able to do whatever we wanted to do to your overrated, arrogant team.

    I bELIeve.
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