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    Smile Giants need Ross on D

    Now that we have lost TT, we cant trust prince i broke my baby toe. We need someone with speed to cover outside receivers, We need to get Ross. Does anyone have the number of Sanya Richards-Ross's agent?!

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    All-Pro Moke's Avatar
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    No we don't. I disagree. Give Prince a chance. And if not? Give hosley a chance.

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    I think it will be Hosley

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    Speed is not the problem. Prince is plenty fast. His problem is technique and he needs to keep his eyes out of the backfield.

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    His problem is he hasn't played a lot of games. Give him time.

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    Almost all of Prince's blown coverages were because he was looking back at the QB and not the guy he was covering, which doesn't work in man coverage...

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    Also I don't know if you were paying attention or not but Ross had that massive facemask penalty that was so blatantly obvious even my mother said "that doesn't look right"....

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    The kneejerk is strong in this one.

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    Ross plays well in big games but the guy was torched all year long last season.

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    I was sure this was another parody thread.

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