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    Anybody get a look at Austin last night?

    he was looking pretty good with that bull rush. i can see him leaping over rodgers for that starter spot, seems like we're gonna have a nice rotation for the dline tho to keep everyone fresh. i do wanna see more penetration in the future and less big runs

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    He got mauled in the run game. Seems pretty rusty to me. But its sort of to be expected when this is the first real contact he has had in like two years.

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    He was a little here, little there.

    Was a complete bulldozer at times and others he get moved aside. It was Austin who collapsed the pocket on that sack for Tracy. We finally found our pass rushing DT with Austin.

    As Slip said he was rusty and you could tell.

    Shaun Rogers looked awful.
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    He looked like he was getting tired out there. He needs to get his conditioning back. I think that cold have been a reason why he was getting pushed around some times. Here was that awesome bull rush he had. So the strength and skills are there. Contidioning will take some time. Hopefully Canty can come back soon and Austin can get his legs back while they limit his snaps.

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