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    The day after: Coughlins assessment


    Excerpt: "Tom Coughlin was encouraged by some of the performances he got from certain individuals in Friday's preseason-opening game, but he also sees a lot of things to work on for the defending champs.

    Coughlin said the team emerged from the 32-31 loss to Jacksonville without any major injuries, but he also said he had not had his meeting with the medical staff on Saturday before talking to reporters. " Read more...
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    Definitely saying the right things to the media... he probably had more choice words to say to some of the players themselves.

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    I'm pretty much on the same page with Tom Coughlin's assessments. It was a good preseason game. The vast majority of the regular season players including the new additions did well. The shaky players will have to play more these coming weeks. The lower depth players that are showing that they want to make the team will more chances.

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    Good stuff!!!!!! There's no question about Coughlin's hunger. He's the same old Coughlin.
    The things I'll take from this blog:

    On Wilson - " I think he has shown us some things that we can depend on going forward"

    On Herz - " he is physical and will go in there and is smart and can get you lined up."

    On defense - “We have no illusion of the improvement that needs to be made. And I am talking about from the top of our team to the bottom of our team.

    On Ware - "He has got a very good attitude. I kind of like what I see.”

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    I did not see the game. I was wondering did Mausau and Martinek play?????????

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