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    Giants test young punt returners in first practice after miscues against Jaguars


    Excerpt: "Before I get to the action, there was an enlightening and humorous exchange between Tom Coughlin and the reporters at his press conference today in regard toMartellus Bennett.
    It began with a question from a reporter about Bennett being an interesting guy and what he’s like to Coughlin.

    “He’s an interesting guy,” Coughlin repeated with a laugh. Asked to elaborate, he said, “I wouldn’t have the proper vocabulary.”
    Okay, so how much does Coughlin allow Bennett to be himself?
    “Oh, he’s himself. There isn’t any question about that. And he’s gotten a lot better at that,” Coughlin said, chuckling through this next part: “I didn’t hear any of the stuff that he said, but it’s been reported to me some of the things he’s said.”
    By that, Coughlin surely means the “Black Unicorn” et al." Read more...
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    That was a good piece. I've never read coverage of a camp session like that before, so thanks for the link RF.

    And....embrace the Black Unicorn
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