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    Giants' Antrel Rolle palyed with two torn rotator cufffs last season


    Excerpt: "
    He knew there was something very wrong with both his shoulders last winter, but Antrel Rolle refused to go through the customary routine of getting an X-ray or MRI to determine why he was in such excruciating pain.

    No time for that. Not with a regular season to be saved and a Super Bowl title to claim.
    “I wasn’t going to go for any tests, I didn’t want to know what it was,’’ the Giants safety told The Post yesterday after lunch at the University at Albany. “I knew it was something. I know my body. I’m a fast healer, not too many things really bother me. Little nicks and bruises, I kind of get over it in a day or two.’’ Read more...
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    It's funny how people's perception of someone can change so fast. The same big mouth that people were complaining about last season probably turned the season around. Now to find out he knew he was hurt and didn't even want to get check, Rolle has been a hell of a pickup for this team! GO BIG BLUE!

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    Rolle found out halfway through the season that buying into the team mentality was the best thing he could do, for both himself and the team. Not to mention that when you commit yourself to the team, the team commits back to you.

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