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    Canty's Injury???

    My apoligies if this was already answered, but what type of injury did Canty have? Any reference to his knee surgery in the news seems vague at best. Also extremely vague is a timetable for his return. During the offseason he was very confident he would be a full participant in training camp. As training camp has drawn to a close, his availability for the season opener is now in doubt. Whats the deal?

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    he should be ready to go by the season opener if I'm not mistaken. I certainly hope he will be anyways because we are sure as heck going to need him.

    Can't lose to DallASS in the season opener. Pressure with the front 4 is crucial to getting to Romo and Canty plays a big part in that for us and that role is magnified that much more by the injuries to Rogers and Parker.

    Can't we EVER start a year off healthy? Jesus.

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    I heard Canty is 50/50 for the opener..

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    He says he feels better than he did at the end of last season when he was playing. However, he also says that it's a matter of putting a few practices together before they let him go play. I took that as he feels good enough to practice, but then maybe his knee swells up or something. Something that is not allowing him to put consecutive practices together and I guess the trainers are not ready to let him go.

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    Just a month ago he was grousing about being put on the PUP.
    No one remembers who came in second.

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