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    Plaxico Burress to work out for Patriots, report says

    nj.com Former Giants and Jets wide receiver Plaxico Burress is traveling to New England to work out for the Patriots, according to a ESPNBoston.com report...

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    maybe if the Pats don't sign him, the Dolphins will bring him in for a workout, now that Chad Johnson was cut by the Dolphins
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    Poor Ocho. I feel so sorry for his butt,sob. NOT!

    I can say one thing about Plax, he keeps trying.

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    Welker, Lloyd, Branch, Plax, Gronk and Hernandez.... crazy !

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    It worked out great with Randy Moss and Ocho Johnson, can you be too surprised?

    Maybe the Pats will make him an honorary captain when they play the Jets.

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    They already are pretty deep in the WR spot although they could use a guy like Plax.

    I don't see it happening intelligently, but I can see it happening because Billy B would love to have a former Giant.

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    hmm, last i heard he was close to going back with the Steelers. I guess i didnt follow it through to see the steelers really didnt want to go down that road again. Let the Pats have him. Then we can beat them with Randy Moss in a SB, Chad Ocho in another and Plax in one early next year. lol
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    Plax still has a few years on him. NE would be able to pump his #s up. That would be a good sign IMO for them. Dolphins should push hard for him now though.

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    Plexiglass still has a lot left and he would fit in real nice on New England Patriots.

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    I hate to say it, but with Austin and Bryant he would be a good third receiver in little D. Who knows, Austin is always hurt and Bryant probably gets arrested again soon.

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