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    Please post your perspective on the first Team offense tonight

    Appreciate it; THANKS!

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    They were good as was the entire team for the most part.. To be honest, at 19-3 in the 4th, seems closer then it actually is.. Giants manhandled these fools..

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    Big question mark with the O-line. Until they get the LT position cleared up the Giants can't create a rapport up front.
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    Oline restricted the run tonight. But...Gilbride should have used a work around for it.

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    i think our team is really strong. our depth could be starting for a lot of teams. a lot of teams r gonna scour our waivers. cruz looks boss. bradshaw looks quick. ware/wilson/scott/brown all look legit. randle/bennett look legit. a lot of great things to build on. im expecting a dominant season

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    im concerned with the o-line! if they can gel the Giants as an offense will be hard to stop!

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    with nicks healthy, we are going to have a TON of lethal weapons

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    I think the team did good. Was a little upset about the run game. Have no faith in DJ. Still don't like the fact we could not bring Brandon back. But good game by 1st team

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    It was OK... not spectacular. The O-line is a bit of a concern, not getting much push for the run and pass protection wasn't exactly stellar. The run game was average at best and Eli made a few mistakes. Overall... I think they are probably on track though, it is preseason.

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