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Thread: Lawrence Tynes

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    Lawrence Tynes

    Tynes has been booming the ball on kickoffs. One knock I always had on him was his foot strength, but thus far this preseason, Tynes has been reach the back off the enzone consistently. This is obviously not a major topic, but making the the opposing offense have to start on there 20 always would be very advantedgous. Tynes has also looked good kicking field goals.

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    I'm convinced Tynes is on steroids.
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    I've been impressed so far. He's also incredibly clutch in my opinion. Looking around the league, I'd say he's one of the better kickers. Glad to have him.

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    he has gotten better every year

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    He's on Wheaties and Red Bull.

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    someone pee test this cat......his power tonight was definitely not Tynes like

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    He's looked great. He is finally healthy and I think this has been his best camp and pre season perfromance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grapenut View Post
    he has gotten better every year
    Hard work, training, practice, dedication, etc usually does that through the years. To notice Tynes' development on the Giants through the seasons is an amazing story itself. Wondering what former-Jet-now-Superbowl-Champion-Giant-Punter Weatherford was thinking tonight when the Jets punter was shanking punts like there was no tomorrow.

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    I wonder how much of it is Tynes' progression and how much was moving kickoffs to the 35 yard line...

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    Inside the 43 he's money for FG's but on kickoff's he's been the biggest beneficiary of the new NFL rule moving the spot up a few yds
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