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    How is Ahmad Bradshaw he went to the locker room dinged

    How is Ahmad Bradshaw? He went to the locker room a little dinged. And he never returned to the game. Is he okay? What was his injury? Was anyone else injured during the game?

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    Hand injury, X-Rays were negative.

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    He's OK.......X-rayed his hand, no Breaks..............Thank God !

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillTheGreek View Post
    He's OK.......X-rayed his hand, no Breaks..............Thank God !
    They need to let him rest if it's going to affect ball protection
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    Besides Bradshaw, none of the other starters were injured. I think Adrian Tracy and Mark Herzlich had injuries that took them out of the game, but didn't sound too serious like a season-ending injury. Pretty good preseason game once again.

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    Per FAN he said he burst a cyst in his hand. How you do that I have no idea.

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